Community Counseling and Psychology Clinic

The Community Counseling & Psychology Clinic is an outreach of the Department of Psychology, Counseling, and Special Education, at Texas A&M University – Commerce, offering psychological assessment and counseling services to the public. The CCPC’s workforce is comprised of advanced graduate students in psychology, counseling, and educational diagnostics.


The CCPC offers its services for a fee, which is much reduced, and which can slide downward depending on your annual income. For many people, this low-cost alternative serves their needs more than adequately. Assessments are slower, but of course the work is supervised by experienced licensed professionals, and for the price it’s hard to beat. If you’re planning to use the work as a part of some litigation, however, you will need an experienced licensed clinician, as you might if you want speed in assessment and optimal efficiency in psychotherapy or counseling.

As a professional courtesy, Hawkins & Ball provides access to some of its forms for CCPC clients and student clinicians.

For more details or to make an appointment, please call 903-886-5660.

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